Therapy for Pre-Teens/Tweens

It’s all so awkward.

Not quite a little kid – not quite a teen. Somewhere in between. This preadolescent stage of your kid’s life can be a confusing time – for both of you.

And your not-so-little kid is still looking for help, guidance, support, and comfort.

Sometimes, they feel you get it – but sometimes, you both know that you don’t. It’s hard enough to decipher tween speak, much less know how to best support your kid in these strange and challenging times.

Honestly, you need some help!

There are so many feels.

Kids at this age deal with so much – physical changes like puberty and growth spurts can throw even the most “prepared” kid for a loop.

Suddenly, you seem to live with a mini Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Your tween alternates between being their “normal” affectionate self and this uber-sensitive kid that stresses out about the most insignificant things.

It’s tough to navigate it all, especially these days.

And, apparently, you make them cringe now, too.

Sure, they test their limits, and that’s totally normal –

But where do you draw the line?

It’s challenging to know how to keep your kids safe while giving them a little space, so they can explore the person they’re becoming.

You want to help your kid be confident.

The current social culture has more toxic elements than ever, especially for a kid this age – bullying, body image issues, popularity – not to mention a ton of distraction.

It’s difficult to know how to guide them in this territory – after all, you didn’t grow up here.

But it means a lot to them to take part, and they need to know what’s real and what isn’t.

You want them to see their true worth.

As a parent, you want nothing more than for your kid to see how uniquely special they are.

It’s heartbreaking to watch your kid fall victim to self-doubt, give up hobbies, become anxious, or stop trying things because they’re not “cool.”

Even in the most supportive family and school environments, some kids are just wired to be more sensitive to external social messaging.

It can be confusing and make them feel like they have to fit a certain mold to be accepted for who they are.

Help is here.

I work with kids to help them discover who they are, what matters to them, and how to become confident in the face of challenges and obstacles.

Working with me, tweens develop emotional intelligence skills, which means identifying emotions and learning how to regulate them in helpful ways.

They’ll learn how to use technology in a way that serves them and limit the less beneficial aspects. I also use mindfulness, art, and other therapeutic techniques to connect, support, and teach.

I’ve worked with this age group extensively over the years as a wellness professional. I have a keen understanding of what young people are feeling and how to connect with them in a way that makes them feel heard, supported, and understood. These qualities are fundamental to the therapeutic process.

Connecting with me is easy.

Reach out today. I offer a free 15-minute consultation, and if you decide I’m a good fit to help your tween navigate their challenges, we can schedule an initial therapy session.

The first session runs 60 minutes. During that time, I’ll get to know your tween and explain more about how therapy works. Thereafter, I recommend periodic check-ins with you.

Although the length of treatment varies per individual, I recommend at least 12 sessions. Consistency is key. Depending on needs and availability, we should have one to two sessions per week.

I offer late afternoon and early evening appointment times to accommodate school and extracurricular activities. For added convenience, I offer online sessions.

Let me help you help them grow while maintaining that bond you’ve always shared.

Reach out today (954) 532-8301.