Therapy for Expats

You’re a nomad.

Roots are not for you.

No settling in one place for long – your job, your lifestyle – they keep you on the go.

Even in strange times like these.

You like the adventure and challenge of exploring unknown places, cultures, and people – but sometimes, it gets tough. You miss cultural cues, struggle to connect, and long hours may not always be conducive to setting up a proper support system.

It gets lonely.

Or a transplant.

You moved halfway across the country – or halfway across the world – to support your partner’s work and dreams. This is part of what you signed up for, and you’re happy to be the support for someone else’s dreams.

While that someone is often not around – you’re managing the day to day, keeping the wheels turning on the life you’re building together – but you’re getting lost.

You haven’t found “your people,” you’re feeling isolated, and it’s all become thankless.

Resentment is creeping in, and it’s not who you are – or who you want to be.

I can help.

Living away from your culture and support systems can be really tough!

Sometimes, it feels like you’re in this world between worlds, not sure where you fit in and having trouble finding that place.

Working with me will help you feel supported and connected to help you discover your place – in your new place.

Connecting with me is easy!

Reach out to me for a free 15-minute consultation. If we decide we’re a good fit to help you level up your life, we’ll schedule an initial therapy session.

The first therapy appointment runs approximately 60 minutes – we’ll spend some time getting to know each other, and I’ll explain more about how therapy works.

Length of treatment varies per individual, but I usually recommend at least 12 sessions. Consistency is key. Depending on your needs and availability, we should have one to two sessions per week.

I offer midday, late afternoon, and early evening appointment times to accommodate your busy life. For added convenience, I, provide telehealth sessions so you can save travel time and join me from wherever you are – online.

Let me help you feel at home – no matter where you roam.