Therapy for Entrepreneurs and Creatives

Forward-thinking and Ambitious

You think out of the box.

You do things your own way – not how you’re “supposed” to.

Maybe you work in the arts, food & beverage, or technology. Perhaps you have a creative mind within a traditional field like medicine, finance, law, or academia.

Whatever your field, you have big ideas and big dreams, and you work hard to make things happen.


But sometimes, you stumble. You go, go, go – until you’re at the point of burnout.

Your lifestyle isn’t really the healthiest, and it’s taking a toll on your creativity, mindset, and drive. Stress is high, and anxiety about a million different things is taking up too much mental space.

You’re on the hamster wheel with less and less energy and time for new ideas to land and flourish.

Your passion is feeling like a chore – and it’s miserable.

Tripped Up

Social, cultural, and familial expectations – along with your other life experiences – throw up roadblocks and barriers in unexpected parts of your life.

As you work with me, we’ll dismantle the obstacles hindering your progress.

Gaining a balanced perspective, learning how and where to make space for yourself, and developing skills to manage stress can help your creativity thrive again.

Realign. Recalibrate. Rediscover your creativity.

Therapy offers the opportunity for you to loosen the reigns, explore yourself and your needs more deeply, and learn how to manage life’s ups and downs so they no longer throw you off course.

As we work together, I’ll help you develop the tools and gain the insights you need to reconnect and maintain your bond to what you love – so you can live the life you truly desire

Connecting with me is easy

I offer a free 15-minute consultation. If we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule an initial therapy session, which will run about sixty minutes.

We’ll get to know each other during that time, and I’ll explain more about how therapy works. The length of treatment varies depending on your specific issues, but I usually recommend 12 sessions. Consistency is key. Depending on your needs and availability, we should have one to two sessions per week.

I offer midday, late afternoon, and early evening appointment times to accommodate your busy life. For added convenience, I provide telehealth sessions, so you can save travel time and join me from wherever you are – online.

Reach out to me today to begin leveling up your life! (954) 532-8301