✨ How do you want to approach this new year?

✨ I offer you a chance to step into 2021 from the perspective of hope and healing. 2020 was hard for everyone – people were affected and continue to be affected across a broad spectrum and there is a lot of pain and suffering.

✨ But – we can cultivate hope and build resilience so we can help the healing process of the world.

✨ How can you pause and use this new day to reset and reflect?

✨ Think about different domains of your life, what contributes to wholeness and wellness for you?

✨ This year I will invite you to explore healing and wholeness in the areas of spiritual, emotional, occupational, physical, social, and intellectual wellness.

✨ Every month I will be giving away a tool from a local or small business to help you in your journey. At the end of the month, I will randomly pick a US-based follower 18+ that has liked the month’s #yearofhopeandhealing post on Instagram to be the recipient of the giveaway.

✨ This month’s giveaway is one of my favorite books for healing the soul. “Succulent Wild Woman: Dancing with Your Wonder Full Self” by SARK and I will be supporting local business @booksandbooks with this giveaway. This is an amazing independent bookstore(s) in South Florida that has done so much for the nurturing of culture and knowledge in our community.