More Than One “Glass Ceiling”

You’re a sharp, creative, motivated, and hardworking woman. You have everything going for you, but it’s not that easy. You check off all the boxes on most prospective employer’s lists, and yet, sometimes, that call back for an interview takes weeks – or never comes at all.

Once you enter the workplace, you encounter a new set of challenges. You’re strong, and you’ve never minded hard work, but this isn’t quite what you bargained for. Making your way up the corporate ladder looks different for you – more rungs and greater distances.

Perhaps you need time off when others don’t, or your beliefs and customs don’t look quite like everyone else’s. When it’s time to make decisions, you’re one of the few women in the room – but nobody else looks like you. And you tire of having to explain how you’re different – or even how to pronounce your name.

Lessons in – and out – of school

School can also be a challenge for young girls and young women. All you want to do is fit in – be liked, taken seriously – not laughed at, ostracized, or even bullied. It’s daunting enough when the cards are stacked in your favor. But it’s different – no matter what you do, you stick out like a sore thumb.

You’re capable, but schoolwork takes you twice as long, sometimes, because you may deal with a language barrier or not be used to the structure of your class. People make assumptions about you and your family without asking questions or giving you a chance.

And when it’s time for clubs, sports, and other activities, it’s difficult to overcome cultural barriers and stereotypes and feel an authentic sense of belonging.

It’s complicated.

It’s hard enough to make it under ordinary circumstances – how can you achieve your goals in this world and be true to yourself?

You often wish you had a listening ear or a sounding board – someone you could trust to help you figure out how to navigate all the extra stress. You love your family, but they can’t always offer helpful advice, and your friends don’t really understand.

That’s where I come in. I can help you handle all these situations and more.

It’s all about YOU.

You can heal and grow, no matter what your age or experience.

As we work together, you’ll discover what it’s like to feel totally supported within a space of kindness, dignity, and respect.

Compassion, empathy, and connection create the conditions for you to create, dream, and be free to explore yourself – and your purpose.

It’s all about your vision.

Your life doesn’t have to look like what the media portray as happy and fulfilling. A happy life looks the way you want it to look.

You’ll design it with intention and care, and your greatest moments will start with the smallest steps.

Working with me, you’ll unpack some obstacles getting in the way of your joy and hope.

It’s about putting you in the driver’s seat.

You’re the student driver, and I’m the teacher. You’ll drive, but I’ll be in the seat next to you.

I’ll point out where to turn if you miss it, show you how to parallel park, and navigate that tight three-point turn. And if you forget to hit the brakes, I’ll do it for you.

When you feel truly supported and learn how to navigate obstacles, life doesn’t feel so lonely and overwhelming anymore. It feels hopeful – full of possibilities for something better.

It’s about navigating toward your future.

You’re unique. Together, we’ll turn off autopilot and design the intentional, meaningful, contented life you truly desire.

No cookie-cutter maps for you – no. The plan we design may meander from highways to backroads – and even off the road – but we’ll develop it together. We’ll harness our creativity to design what works specifically for you – no one else.

We can also design our sessions in a way that works for your needs. I offer mini, standard, and deep-dive session lengths to accommodate your needs.

How We’ll Collaborate

We’ll base our work together on a holistic and eclectic approach. I want to see you as a whole person – rather than a label or diagnosis.

I prefer depth oriented, existential-humanistic, mindfulness-based, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), multicultural, and feminist theories, which all seek to understand a person as a human being in the world as it relates to her physical, personal, and social experiences.

What It’s Like

When we meet online or in my office, my time is your time. You’ll have my undivided attention.

Together, we’ll explore everything from the day-to-day to past hurts and future hopes.

I’ll help you draw connections that you may not otherwise notice, and we’ll use what we learn to guide the way forward – to design your map.

About Me

My Journey  

As a first-generation American from Cuban and Swiss parents, I get what designing your own map looks like firsthand.

My story involves dropping out of art school; burning out after years at a high-pressure, high-stress corporate job; taking a sabbatical to travel and figure out life; dealing with the fallout of a recession; starting a whole new career path in my 30s; and getting a masters in my 40s.

Mine was not a linear path by any means – so I genuinely understand what it means to go the unconventional route.

My Mission

My purpose is to help you discover what brings meaning to your life and help you develop the skills and tools to get there.

I’m great at connecting with girls and women of all ages – because I’m genuinely interested in you and what you have to say.

When you feel truly seen, heard, and cared for, you open yourself to lasting, authentic transformation. That is what therapy does.

It helps you heal and transform, and I’m here to help you through that process.

When I’m Not Working with You

In addition to enjoying deep conversations, I’m a regular person – a bit introverted and sensitive – who loves to make art, cook, read, spend time in nature, study psychology (especially groundbreaking neuroscience, trauma work, and Jungian psychology), enjoy a TV-induced ugly cry, and spend quality time hanging with my partner and our two cats, Sid and Oscar. Oh and I go to therapy too.

My Education


Licensed Mental Health Counselor Florida License #MH20281

National Certified Counselor: National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC)

Currently enrolled in BodyDreaming Training, a three year training on healing developmental trauma through a combination of Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal, Attachment Theory, Jungian, and Feminist orientations developed by Jungian Analyst Marian Dunlea.

Master of Science: Counseling – Nova Southeastern University
Bachelor of Arts: Organizational Leadership – St. Thomas University

Certifications & Trainings

Ongoing education and training is an essential part of my development as a clinician, below are some of the certifications and trainings I have received.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Certificate from the Florida Psychoanalytic Institute

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional: International Association of Trauma Professionals
Certified Life Coach: KEW Training Institute
Certified Health Coach: Institute for Integrative Nutrition
200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor: Prana Yoga Miami
Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor: Karma Kids Yoga NYC
Certified Teen Yoga Instructor: Karma Kids Yoga NYC
Certified Level 2 Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism & Special Needs: Creative Relaxation

The Body Keeps the Score: Trauma Healing with Bessel van der Kolk, MD
Psychological First Aid: The National Center for Child Traumatic Stress
When Grief Goes Viral: Psychological Assessment and Intervention in the Corona Crisis
Early Childhood Yoga Training: Yoga Center of Deerfield Beach
Child Nutrition & Cooking 2.0: Stanford University

Memberships and Professional Organizations

  • Association for Contextual Behavioral Science
  • Florida Psychoanalytic Institute
  • Jung Society of Washington
  • Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology
  • Marion Woodman Foundation