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Craving Connection, but Struggling

Feeling overwhelmed by life’s questions about relationships, career, and everything in between.

Connecting with others, even the ones who care, is a bit of a struggle. Can’t shake off the feeling of not quite measuring up to everyone’s expectations, including your own.

Life Feels Like it’s on Autopilot

You’re left wondering who’s even driving this thing. Days roll by with the same routine, as if you’re just a passenger along for the ride, not really in control. It’s a bit like searching for the steering wheel and realizing you’re more of a spectator than the one calling the shots. The destination? Kind of fuzzy.

It’s a wild ride with an unknown driver at the helm.

You want a different life, but you don’t have the slightest clue where to begin to untangle, move forward, or what that life could even look like. Just not this.

They say these are supposed to be the best times of your life.

Yeah, well, maybe it was like that in the ’90s, but the world is a dumpster fire.

Global pandemics, social injustices, crazy politics… it just goes on and on. There is a serious existential crisis here. Why should you even try meeting the expectations of others, much less yourself?!

Yet, there is a glimmer of hope. Because you KNOW, deep down, a better life is possible.

Think back on a time when you felt connected with yourself.

Back ‘then’ you were in the ‘zone’ and flowed with the world around you. You had a purpose for your life.

Life felt effortless. You knew you could handle anything that came your way with grace and confidence.

It feels like a long time ago.

What would it feel like to love being you?

Stop the doom scrolling and social media comparisons.

Let me help you learn to love who you are and be hopeful about life again.

It’s all about connecting to your center, weaving a thoughtful journey toward healing, personal growth, and well-being. I’m here to be with you every step of the way.

Together, we will work to uncover your inherent uniqueness.

We’ll help you reconnect with superpowers
of confidence, self-esteem, trust, and
enthusiasm. You will learn to show up as the
person you are meant to be in this world.

Let’s Talk

Hi! I’m Christina.

I’m happy that you are here.

The idea of going to therapy can be scary, but even looking for help is proof that you have more strength and courage than you know.

Mental health and wellness are vital parts of living the meaningful life you love.

Maybe you’ve done a lot of the self-help, gym, yoga, workshop stuff, and that’s great! Sometimes, you need extra and professional support to get yourself or someone you love through challenges and tough times.

I’m passionate about helping high achieving, motivated, and “out of the box” individuals live in a way that is true, fulfilling, and in line with their values.

Let’s have a conversation about what kind of life you want for yourself. Or, if you don’t know, that’s totally fine. Even knowing what you don’t want is a great place to start.

Either way, I can help. Reach out.

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